Successful ways of selling your property online platforms

The way of selling homes and property privately or through listings has changed in recent years. According to research conducted in 2012 by a firm called Which, people have given around 1.8% of the price of their sale to a real estate agent. In return, the agent would do the job of defining the valuation, getting the photographs, connection with buyers and negotiating deals with them. But today, the figure has fallen considerably because more people have begun to wonder if they can do the job by themselves. 

For a property selling with a high valuation, the sum provided to the broker as the fee can be significantly high. If you are also looking to sell your property without using an agent, you can follow these following steps: 

  • First, ensure that the house is sellable: It is often surprising to see the condition of the house when the sellers show them to the buyers. Buyers will not want to see the clutter and they need to get the most accurate idea about the space in rooms, anything distracting can be detrimental. Keep everything tidy and presentable, although you do not have to overhaul the house yourself.
  • The second step is the set up a price: Do your own research on the Internet to get the average price of a property in your area, for the size of your home and for any special fittings/features installed in your home. Relying on a real estate agent to set up a price can often lead them to give you false hopes in the name of higher selling prices. 
  • Write a short description of your home: It may be tempting to flatter the buyers by stressing on how beautiful your home is, but buyers do not often read lengthy narratives. Keep it short and provide a hook which can urge them to buy. 
  • Capture GOOD SNAPS of your property. This step can make or break your property selling effort. Ensure that the photos you capture are bright and give the best idea of the size of the room. Do not show any clutter and any damages on the wall etc. The more, the better it is. 
  • The next step is listing. Every country has plenty of private real estate listing sites in which you will be responsible for setting the price, advertising and arranging viewings. Apart from this, you can also advertise on Facebook and Twitter and set the focus audience to the ones in your area.
Beautiful Home
  • Arrange for Viewings. If people who interest in your property, it is time for you to arrange for viewings. If you are out at work during the weekdays, it is best to arrange a friend or family member to conduct the viewing or do the same on the weekends. Handing this responsibility to a real estate agent can include fees. 
  • The next important step is to negotiate the price. Keep a benchmark for yourself and ensure that you do not go below that price no matter how anxious or nervous you may be to sell the house. If you turn down an offer, do so in a friendly way and make yourself approachable in case the client may want to change minds later. 
  • Time for Legal work. Once the deal has been done, make use of a solicitor who will handle all the legal work. This might take some time and this is crucial as well, so hire a good professional who has done good work before.

So, these are the steps to follow if you were to sell your property by yourself. Happy selling!