Building a Website for Mortgage Brokers

Websites for mortgage brokers are a crucial element in furthering their business. In building a website you need to address key points: 

Decide on the sites purpose 

Key to the mortgage website design is in what purpose it serves: behaving as a leaflet, a means for ongoing communication with the existing client base or a mix of both. Before starting to design your website, check other sites in each of these categories and see what works for your site and for your customers. Look at the competing brands to gauge the purpose of your own site. You do not have to begin from scratch, part of the research process is already done for you.   

Build Trust 

It is very likely that your website will be seen by your potential customer in order to assess who you are and in the process deciding whether you are a trusted business. Frequently sites have a great deal of useless ‘blob’ but nothing regarding the broker, their past experience and why they would be reliable. By adding testimonials and explaining how you do business increases the chances of the potential customer to pick your business.  

If you are thinking about focusing on specific services in professions or industries convince them that you know enough about their business. By also displaying your mobile number somewhere on your site you are showing your level of reachability.  By having a logo design it distinguishes your broker business from competing ones and makes you an easily recognizable business. 

Use Media 

Most individuals will spend a short amount of time on your website so you will need to get their attention quickly or communicate your message in the simplest possible manner. For example, the usage of infographic is one visual way to tell your story in three seconds. You can add a brief movie (1-2 minutes) explaining your model and advantages of utilizing your business. If you do not use a picture designer, then is a good site to assist you to design your infographic. 

If you have to use images, go to stock photo sites and purchase what you only need. However, adding too many stock pictures will make your site appear generic and unoriginal. Important information has to be on top of your page as many customers will rarely scroll down the webpage.  

Construct Quality Content 

The days of ‘cheap’ SEO are long gone. Nowadays website owners are better off paying for the front-page placement on Google or advertisements through other key websites. However, Google frequently adjusts its algorithms to protect against any non-organic (ie fake) look on their search engine. They nevertheless still rank good content and naturally attractive sites. While this doesn’t mean you will look higher in normal search phrases compared to the ‘specialist’ traffic generation websites, it still makes sense to maintain your site relevant in time, notify your customers and guarantee your potential customers that you ‘know your stuff’. And you might get a Google ranking for a certain search phrase anyway. Speed updates, regular and original blog articles, short podcasts or videos are just a few ways to increase your content. To easily post content and website updates choose a website platform that is easy to manage. Most companies will be best satisfied with a habit or ‘off the shelf’ WordPress template. It provides an affordable web design option that is both quick and easy to manage. Most of these are now fully responsive, making it effortless to read content on any device including a smartphone. 

Understand Impact of Colours 

Colours used on a website (and your advertising) will play an essential role in aligning your customers with your business. They play a huge role in persuasion and significantly improve site conversion. Understanding the importance of colours and how they impact on the potential customer’s mood when visiting your site is crucial in determining what colours to choose.  

Develop Landing Pages 

If you are advertising you will need dedicated landing pages, often intended for different kinds of adwords or sites you are advertising on. Using your main page can get the job done too, however, conversion prices may be lower. You can also purchase URLs committed for the search phrases you are targeting in your advertising and use these just for the design of your adverts, where that address will redirect to your main URL landing page. This is likely to make your ad more applicable and as a result will reduce your advertising cost to some extent. Design of your landing pages depends on what you are attempting to accomplish, and typically the best thing you can get is potential client’s name, phone and email address.  

These are just a few online tips for mortgage brokers in building a website and the key elements that need to be addressed.