Does Your Business Need an AdWords Agency?


If your company has been using pay-per-click platforms such as Google AdWords, it might be worth hiring an AdWords agency to take care of this for you. Pay-per-click advertising platforms claim to be user friendly and very cheap so it’s no surprise that many business owners don’t seek outside help when it comes to managing the business’ AdWords. However, it’s important to remember that key word advertising is highly competitive and if you don’t appropriately target your advertisements, you could be wasting money – and fast.

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth hiring a professional to manage your ads, below are five questions you need to first ask yourself:

1) What is your monthly budget? If your business is spending $500 or less per month on AdWords, it may be difficult to hire an ad management company to help you. Most advertising management companies have a minimal services cost of $500 (or more), and it just does not make sense to invest $500 to manage $500 worth of advertising.

2) Are you currently AdWords trained and certified? If so, you may be able to get by on your own. Again, an audit is wise, but training and certification goes a long way towards making certain that your AdWords advertising is successful.

3) Are you spending more than $5000 a month? If so, you can almost surely gain from advertising management, even if your business has a trained individual on staff. Even a small improvement in advertising results (say, 10 percent), can pay for the expense of an agency after you get to budget level.

4) Are you using all of the newest and best tools and techniques? AdWords is always rolling out new tools, and such tools often require an alteration to your plan. When Google rolled out remarketing in 2010, businesses fully adjusted their plans and funding allocation for each of their clients. When Google rolled out a new format for text advertisements in 2016, advertisement creation and testing procedure was completely altered also. Thus, having a highly trained professional who can quickly respond to Google’s ever-changing algorithm is imperative to ensure that your business maintains high rankings.  If your business isn’t changing how you do AdWords every month or two, you aren’t getting the most out of your money.

5) Is AdWords lucrative? This is the final question because it is the main question: setting aside everything else, is AdWords working for you? If it is not, there is an issue with your advertisements, your strategy, or your own site.

If a business is not experience success with AdWords, it isn’t Google that is having issues, it is your strategy, your ads or your website. So, if your current AdWords campaign isn’t working for you, look for a professional AdWords agency to take-over and reap the rewards.